To provide a reliable, self-sufficient package to protect you and your family during times of unrest. The Diesel Overlander survival package includes a “safe haven” destination, sufficient supplies to last for one year and custom designed truck and trailer.

It has been the long-held belief of my wife (Jean) and myself (Dick Goodman) - dating back to 03 NOV 64- that something like the following is in store for the United States...

1. That the voters would elect Legislative and Executive branches that would spend far beyond our means to repay, creating an environment for

2. Some trigger event to occur leading to a national financial collapse, leading next to

3. An intense, short, period (arbitrarily, perhaps something like 1 year) of extreme economic instability which would adversely affect –virtually destroy –the economy and quality of life in general, followed by…

4. A slow manageable return to some degree of order

To deal with and survive item 3 above we conceived the Diesel Overlander concept, an integrated “Package” designed for the cognoscenti to endure and survive.

The “Package “, described as follows,...

• Provides a specific “Safe Haven” to retreat to; and

• Provides sufficient supplies to last for 1 year; and

• Provides a means to get there, (the truck/trailer described below)


In order to achieve “Six Sigma” reliability, the basic truck (Cummins powered Dodge 2500) is completely dis-assembled, re-engineered and reassembled for maximum EMP Proof reliability, with electronics, wiring, and systems to FAA standards for design and construction of aircraft.

In addition, a 24’ trailer with sufficient provisions for a full year is provided.

Total Cost of the 3-part package starts at $300,000* (Customized packages)