Diesel Overlander three-part system developed for survival in uncertain times

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Triad Survival Systems


Triad Survival Systems is a three part engineered survival system to escape the meltdown that is coming to a metropolitan area near you and soon.

Everything has been engineered to the highest specifications

FLIR Forward Looking InfraRed (Nightime)

Infrared Navigational screen built in

What we have seen occurring over the past year and ½ is just the beginning. The lockdowns are not over, nor will they be. If you see this as we do, make solid plans to flee

We provide a reliable, self-sufficient package to protect you and your family during times of unrest. The Diesel Overlander survival package includes a “safe haven” destination, sufficient supplies to last for one year and custom designed truck and trailer.

Cummins powered Dodge 2500 is completely dis-assembled, re-engineered, and reassembled for maximum EMP Proof reliability, with electronics, wiring, and systems to FAA standards for design and construction of aircraft.

A 30’ trailer with sufficient provisions for a year is provided.

Customized Cost of 3-part package starts at $385,000

1. Provides a specific “Safe Haven” to retreat to

2. Provides sufficient supplies to last for 1 year

3. Provides a means to get you there